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Cost And Fees

As you are purchasing from third party sellers, with us assisting you upon your instructions and as your authorized agent, there is a total of two payment for each purchase:

1st Payment (100% which will paid to your selected seller on your behalf): Product Price + China Domestic Shipping (China Express)

· Paid after checking out items from shopping cart.

2nd Payment (paid to SGshop): International Shipping + Service Charge + Local Delivery (optional)

· Paid upon the arrival of your product in Singapore.

Product Price

The retail price of the product, which will be paid to the seller that you have selected in your discretion.

China Express

This refers to the freight charges imposed by your selected seller for sending your purchased item from seller to the logistic centre in Guangzhou,China.

Note: If e-sellers offer Free Shipping in their Freight Policies, you will not need to pay for Chinese Domestic Shipping.

International Freight

The freight charges from the logistics centre in Guangzhou to SGshop in Singapore.

Note: This freight is charged according to the weight/measurement of your goods for each parcel and each delivery.

Clearance Fee

Charged at $0.98 by SGshop for clearing each parcel of your third-party seller purchases.

Local Delivery

Delivery costs paid to SGshop in the event that you require delivery of your purchases to your selected location in Singapore.

Service Charge

(For SGshop's logistical services as your agent in delivering your third-party seller purchases)

Total of 8% = (Product Price paid to seller + China Express paid to seller + International Freight) x 8%.

GST(Goods and Services Tax)

For our "Buy for me" service where you appoint us as your agent to purchase on your behalf from your selected third-party sellers, normally we will absorb the GST incurred for your goods, but for high value items (unit price of $400 or more), you are required to pay the corresponding 7% GST of that particular order by yourself.

For our "Ship for Me" service, 7% GST will be incurred only if the total value of your goods and the International freight of one parcel is $400 or more, which you are responsible for paying.

Chargeable Weight

Your parcels will be measured/weighed per item upon arrival at the logistics centre in China.

Your consolidated order will be repacked and remeasured before shipping to Singapore. Extra spaces and gaps between each

parcel will be occupied.

We will compare the weight taken before and after the repackaging, and charge according to the lower measurement.

The chargeable weight of the consolidated order will be summed up by 1.1X to account for the extra spaces occupied between

each parcel.

Other Charges

A charge of S$2.00 is applicable with each change to the international shipping methods, after goods have been purchased.

Volumetric Weight

According to the international shipping practice, the volumetric weight - the amount of space taken up by the parcel during shipment

- is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the parcel. The higher weight would be used to calculate shipping cost.

This will be done regardless of the chosen shipping method; air or sea.

The Formula

Volume Weight (kg) = Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Height (cm) / 5000 (For Air Shipments)

Volume Weight (kg) = Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Height (cm) / 6000 (For Sea Shipments)