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Save more with our 11.11 Shipping Vouchers! Grab them now! 04/11/2018

We are doing something little more different for this year 11.11. To enjoy huge discount, grab our shipping vouchers today! Shipping Vouchers are only $19.90 and you will be eligible to use it 3 times in a day. 

Q:A Shipping Vouchers 

Q: How to view the voucher?
A: Once payment is successfully made, your vouchers will be only sent to your account immediately before 23:59hrs. Customers can view this voucher under member center under the tab My Account History
PC Web: Member  > My Account > My Account History

Q: Can I combine my other SGshop Coupons with the Shipping coupon?
A: Sorry, you can only use shipping coupon during the checkout.

Q: Can i combine parcel with shipping voucher? 
A: No you cannot combine even both the parcel have this promotion.

Q: For shipping that has a limit to the weight, can I still use my shipping coupon if it exceeds the weight limit?
A:  Yes, you can use the shipping coupon however charges is applied to the remaining weight based on the buy for me shipping charges.

Q: What happen if my parcel arrived after the validity date of the voucher?
A: You are still able enjoy the shipping voucher as long you purchase your item within the promotion period which is until 25 November. 

Q: Can I use this for ship for me?
A:  Sorry, it is only applicable to buy for me ONLY

Q: How long can the coupon last?
A: It will last throughout the month with maximum 3 payment per day.

Q: Is the voucher shareable?
A: No, it is not. One voucher is valid per customer.