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Celebrating Eid al-Fitr with playing ketupat game 03/06/2019

Dear valued customers,

Best wishes to our Muslim Friends, Happy Eid al-Fitr  

Oh yeah!! It is Festival of Eid al-Fitr~ Once a year the festival to eat Ketupat, some more with the Malay taste of sauces~ Whoa, just cannot wait and my saliva uncontrollably drop from the mouth… But we didn’t sell it lar! Howeverrrrr, Ketupat Game available at SGshop
Go to “Ketupat Game” from 1st June to 10th June and you can “enjoy” the ketupat! Every user has 3 chances per day to choose the ketupat you want~ You might be the winner of SGcoupon for $20, $10 or $5** 
What ketupat you will “eat” is depend on your luck~ Wish you all the best!

*Terms & Conditions:
1. This activity is valid from 1st June 2019 to 10th June 2019;
2. Every user has 3 chances to play this game per day;
3. SGcoupon can only be used to offset service fees;
4. Check SGcoupons at SGshop points ;
5. SGshop reserves the right of final explanation towards this activity.

Enjoy Online Shopping,