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We can now buy for you! 【New Platform added to Buy-For-Me】 19/06/2019

Dear valued customers,

Everyone must have heard about Taobao, Tmall, or… Have you heard about, well known as Alibaba, is China's leading Wholesale marketplace. In fact, many products sold in Taobao are sourced from, therefore, it means that the products on 1688 are directly from factory and it is so much cheaper~

Now, you can also buy 1688 products in SGshop! This is a great news for small businesses or wholesalers!! This is because as long as you purchase above minimum order quantity, you can enjoy a lower price than Taobao. Product source with wholesale price, but come with the same quality as Taobao, are you sure you don’t want it?! 

For individual customers, you only need to buy together with your friends and relatives to achieve the specified quantity, so that you also can buy lower price product~ Imagine your big family are wearing the same clothes, how warm it is~~~ If you don’t like to have same clothes or same items with others, don’t worry~ still have some single item, but maybe you need to spend time looking for it. 

How to buy products
Go to 1688 Wholesale Marketplace to search for the item you want, then copy the link and paste on our website. Simple and easy!

Step 1: Search product in 1688 Wholesale Marketplace (, copy the product link (URL) as shown in the pic below. For e.g.

Step 2: Go to SGshop website (, paste the product link in search bar and search.

Step 3: Select the specification and quantity, add to cart (Alibaba) and make 1st payment in SGD (product price and China domestic shipping), then seller will ship out the product to SGshop China Warehouse.

*Kindly note that the product usually come with minimum order quantity.

Step 4: When your product arrives at SGshop China warehouse, you will be notified after your product is done basic inspection and weighing. You can then submit delivery order and make 2nd payment in SGD, which includes International Shipping Fee, Service Fee and Custom Clearance Fee. Lastly, your shipment will be sent to Singapore upon your request.

It's just as simple as the 4 steps above, two-time payment in total, then you can purchase wholesale product online through SGshop website. Amazing, isn't it? Let's try, we are eager to serve you~

Enjoy Wholesale Shopping,