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New Feature: Earn Cashback up to 50% from Taobao [Ship For Me] 05/08/2019

Dear Valued Customer,
It’s getting easier and more savings to shop online from Taobao and ship to Singapore all by yourself, however, you can save even more by getting cashback for your purchases. Now with SGshop, you can earn extra cashback up to 50% of product price!

How to earn cashback? There are two ways of doing it:

Method one: At SGshop Cashback Page, use keyword to search for products with cashback and voucher. Select product from search result, you will be redirected to Taobao Web/App, claim your voucher, add to cart and make payment within 48 hours. After you confirm received the product, your cashback will be added into your SGshop account!

Method two: Select product at Taobao Web, copy and paste product URL into the search bar at SGshop Cashback Page, click search and the system will verify if the product is entitled to cashback. 

If yes, a product URL with cashback will be generated, click on the new URL, add to cart and make payment in Taobao Web/App within 48 hours, after you confirm received the product, your cashback will be added into your SGshop account too!

Let’s earn some cashback at SGshop Cashback Page now!


- Are all products in Taobao entitled to cashback? 

No, only certain products are entitled. You can verify in SGshop Cashback page if a certain product is entitled to cashback.

- Can I get cashback URL if I copy URL from Taobao App?

No, the link (淘口令) copied from Taobao App is not recognised by our system, please open it in web browser, copy and paste the product URL into SGshop Cashback page.

- After I get the new URL with cashback, can I add multiple product into cart first, then make payment all in once later?

Yes, you can. 

- Can I earn cashback without using SGshop Ship For Me service?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend using our Ship For Me service if you are buying sensitive item and large item.

- Why does the confirmed cashback amount different from estimated cashback amount?

This is because confirmed cashback amount is calculated based on your actual payment after deducting voucher, seller promotion and platform promotion.

Happy Earning Cashback,