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16/03/2017 Ship For Me Guide

China Ship For Me 

1. Sign up at SGshop and get your China address.

2. Shop online and send your purchases to your China address.

3. When your packages arrive at your China address, you will be notified to pick and pay for your preferred choice of delivery.


International Shipping Cost (China to SG) 


According to the international shipping practice, the volumetric weight (the amount of space taken up by the parcel during shipment) is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the parcel. The higher weight would be used to calculate shipping cost. This will be done regardless of the chosen shipping method; air or sea.
Volume Weight* (kg) For All Air & Sea Shipments 
= Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Height (cm) / 5000 

*Volume Metric Weight is applicable for both China and USA ship for me. 

USA Ship For Me 

SGshop’s USA Ship For Me service is a forwarding service where we help to ship your parcels from USA to Singapore. You can shop with a personalised U.S address found in your account at any U.S website and we will take care of the rest.

* Do note that all payment, pre-sales and after sale issues are to be settled directly with the merchant yourself.


How to use USA Ship For Me? 

1. Sign up at SGshop and get your USA address.

2. Shop online and send your purchases to your USA address.

3. When your packages arrive at your USA address, you will receive SMS notification to confirm parcel details for customs clearance.

4. Once items have arrived in SG warehouse you will be notified by SMS to pick and pay for your preferred choice of delivery.


International Shipping Cost (USA to SG)


Shipping Method

Every 500g

Duration (Working Days)

Standard Air Shipping


5-7 Days


USA Ship For Me Procedure 

1. Order your item from online merchant:

a. Place your order with an online merchant, either through links on SGshop website or directly from the merchant’s website. You will pay the merchant directly for the product you purchase and the domestic shipping cost (if applicable) for your delivery to your SGshop USA address. You agree to comply with any conditions and restrictions of sale which are specified on merchant’s website or which you are notified of during the purchases process.

b. SGshop makes no representations, warranties or guarantees regarding the quality or suitability of the products you order.


2. Ship your item to our USA address:

a. Upon successful registration of an account with SGshop, you will be given a USA address which you may then provide to online merchants as a delivery address when purchasing products.


3. We will ship them to Singapore:

a. Under your SGshop account, submit a new order with the tracking no. you receive from the merchant. We will then update the status 

    of your parcel when it arrives our USA warehouse.

b. Once your package is ready you will receive a notification from us stating “Items have arrived in USA warehouse”.

c. Afterwhich, we will repack your parcel and ship it to Singapore. Do note that inspections are not provided.


What is repacking service? 


When you use USA Ship For Me service, SGshop helps to repack your USA orders to reduce volumetric weight, saving you a significant amount of international shipping fee.


Main benefits of repacking:


1. Save money with lower international shipping fees: If the packages from USA has a high volumetric weight, we will repack it into smaller 

    packaging to reduce its volume. On average, customers save about 50% in volume, cutting your international shipping fees by half.

2. Protects your package during shipping: We will repack your parcel for added protection and security (good for fragile items). This will prevent 

    your parcel from damages during shipping.


Repacking Terms and Conditions


1. We do not open any inner sealed or shrink wrapper packaging.

2. We do not repack merchant’s specialised branded packaging such as Designers’ boxes or wrapping for shoes, boots, clothing and fashion accessories.

3. Items that are gift-wrapped will not be repacked.

4. If you need to ship Fragile or Special Care items, please ensure that there is proper packaging by the merchant as we do not repack fragile or

    breakable items.

5. If the difference between the gross & volume weight is below than 3 kg, repacking is not applicable.

6. SGshop cannot ship items that are prohibited or require special handling. Click here to read more about prohibited items.

 (Link to )

Ship For Me Service:

As Ship For Me is intended as an independent freight forwarding service for your overseas parcel shipment, customers are not charged any service fees. As such, customers using Ship For Me will be responsible for contacting the seller directly for any discrepancies/problems. In this light, after-sales services for Ship For Me is not provided.

If customers would like to enjoy after-sales services for their purchases, we highly recommend to use our Buy For Me service instead which includes inspection services and after-sales services. 

Lost of parcel*
Lost of the parcel, including lost in China warehouse or during international shipment.  
- please see note ** below), please follow the 3 steps below: 


1. Submit an Enquiry/ Email to
2. Provide goods purchase records and the declared amount of the product. 
3. Wait for response

Please allow 3 business days for SGshop to address the issue and provide further assistance.
Possible compensation is based on the declared amount. Please note that after-sales cases which submit after 3 working days upon receiving of the parcel will not be processed by SGshop. 
*Customers who confirm that they have received their goods are confirming that their goods arrived in good condition. Disputes will not be entertained after confirmation of order.