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17/03/2017 Prohibited Items

SGshop will not ship items that are prohibited or require special handling. This is due to import & export regulations, or because the items may cause danger, delay, or damage of international shipping. This is inclusive of, but not limited to:


Cash, valuables, gambling items:

Currency, antiques, cash (banknotes and coins), travelers cheques, counterfeit or imitation money, credit cards and credit card readers, jewelry, diamonds, gold & silver, gambling equipment and apparatus, poker chips, lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets.


Cigarettes and drugs

All types of cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, chewing tobacco, alcohol and alcohol products, controlled chemicals and substances used for manufacture of drugs, all forms of narcotic and unlicensed drugs including synthetic weed, chinese medicine and slimming products.


Counterfeit and copyright items

Counterfeit, replica or pirated goods; items that infringe intellectual property rights (trademarks, copyrights or patents) including Disney and other copyrighted materials, reproduction of copyrighted materials (Books, CD, DVD, Magazines)


Explosives /toxic items:

Perfumes, nail polish, nail polish removers, essential oils, hairsprays, compressed air, cigarette lighters, paint thinners & removers, printer toner cartridge, lithium battery, gasoline, fire crackers and products containing alcohol, guns, including revolvers, Rifles, pistols and other firearms (or parts thereof), starter pistols, rifle scopes, ammunition and associated products, and bullets.


Pornographic and obscene items:

Pornographic materials, sex toys, clothing, & equipment, and erotic publications, videos, and movies.


Sharp items and weapons:

Weapons, axes, darts, bows and arrows, knives, swords, guns and imitation weapons including toy guns, pistols, grenades and other variations, handcuffs, leg cuffs, ankle cuffs, police-type batons, polygraph (lie-detector) equipment, military helmets, night vision equipment (e.g., goggles, binoculars), bulletproof clothing, nuclear material, surveillance and eavesdropping equipment (including hidden cameras, infrared and thermal imaging cameras).Items that resemble weapons are also prohibited, such as toy swords.


Perishable items and animals:

All animals, pets, fresh fruits and vegetables, living plants and trees, seeds, live bait, frozen or unprocessed food including frozen meat, dairy products and seafood.



Items that may contaminate other products, documents and personal mail, ashes or human remains, magnetic or radioactive materials, goods in powder form, radio or communication devices which are not approved by IDA, lithium batteries and products containing lithium batteries.


This list is not exhaustive and may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the Singapore Customs website for the updated list.

You will be held responsible and liable if such items are confiscated, abandoned or if there is any extra cost incurred for purchasing and shipping such items.