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17/03/2017 Retention Period

If items that you have purchased are stored at our China warehouse or Singapore warehouse for a prolonged period of time, storage fees will be charged. To avoid incurring unnecessary charges for prolonged retention of goods at our warehouses, please kindly ensure that prompt payment and collection.

China warehouse: Fully consolidated parcels with an “On Hold” status can be kept in our China logistics centre for up to 30 days. Charges apply for subsequent days.

Buy for Me service:

Singapore warehouse: Parcels with an “Arrived at SGshop” status can be kept in our warehouse for a maximum of 20 days. If the total value of the parcel is above $1000, there will be an extra 3% charge on the original value of items.

Bulky parcel weighs more than 150kg and above. 
Packages can only be kept in our Singapore warehouse for up to 7 days. After 7 days, $50 will be charged for every 150kg.

For  Ship for Me service:

China logistics centre

Retention period will start upon the status update on the item ID as arrived at the China logistics centre. Item IDs can be kept in the China logistics centre for up to 7 days. Charges apply for subsequent days. This applies to both the Ship For Me and Buy For Me services.



SGshop reserves the all right and judgement to dispose of your items without any prior notice to you, if your parcel remains in the China logistics centre or Singapore warehouse for more than 60 days, despite our notifications about your parcel being ready for the next step in the delivery process. This is regardless of your reasons, and whether or not you have taken any steps to collect or scheduled delivery for your items.