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17/03/2017 Bulky Items/ Value Added Services

  • Long Items

    Items more than 110 cm will be charged an additional $60.00 for al types of air shipping methods.
  • Wooden Crate

    For fragile items, you may request for a wooden crate. Our warehouse inspectors will also inform you if they feel that your item requires a wooden crate.
    Items with wooden crate will be charged according to their volumetric weight: Length*Width*Height (in centimetres).
  • Vacuum Packing

    SGshop can help to vacuum pack items such as soft toys and blankets. The charges for this service depends on the size of your item.
    Charges Standard:

  • Inspection

    The inspection service will check that the quantity, colour, and size of the items tally with what you have ordered. We also check for obvious and visible defects. We cannot, and do not, check for the quality, authenticity, and functionality of a product. Please read reviews about the seller and their products before adding the item into your cart.
    * Note: Buy For Me: Inspection service is included the service fees.

    * Note: Ship For Me: Inspection will be done according to the your remarks, at $3 per ID.

    * Note: For purchases below 50 yuan per unit price, only quantity will be checked.

    * Note: For bulk orders, random spot checks will be conducted. We can only ensure about 95% accuracy in quantity.

  • Photograph

    Our warehouse staff can take pictures of your arrived items. This service is chargeable at $3 for 5 photo angles.
  • Changing of Shipping Method

    Should you wish to change your selected international shipping method, a charge of $2.00 is applicable for each request. 
    *This charge is only effect after your items have been purchased.